Manifold Studio
The best way to deploy creator-owned contracts and mint your own verified NFTs
Manifold Studio is an all in one tool that combines the power of Manifold Creator with a seamless user interface to mint your own NFTs with zero coding required.
We make it easy for creators to mint original high-quality NFTs while retaining true ownership and provenance of their work and provide an extensible framework to create unique delightful experiences for creators and collectors.
As part of our mission to advocate for a new economic model for web3 creators, Manifold Studio is also completely free to use.
Manifold Studio is and will always be free to use.
Manifold Studio allows you to:
  • Create and deploy your own creator contracts
  • Mint original high-quality NFTs of images, videos, audio files, 3D files and even HTML pages
  • Mint dynamic NFTs
  • Enhance your NFTs with custom properties
  • Airdrops
  • Bootstrap DAOs
  • And much more...
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