Manifold Creator
A contract owned and deployed by you, the creator.

Why do you need your own creator contract?

Manifold Creator is a smart contract owned and deployed by you, the creator.
Collaborating with artists like Mad Dog Jones (REPLICATOR), Pak (ASH), FVCKRENDER (Sotheby’s Auction), we learned three key aspects that a creator-centric minting contract should feature:
  1. 1.
    Authenticity — true provenance for creators,
  2. 2.
    Interoperability — works with existing ERC-721/1155 NFT platforms, and
  3. 3.
    Extensibility — unique, creator-approved NFT applications
And of course, the smart contract should be open source and free to use. In a nutshell, this describes Manifold Creator, but there’s a lot more.


Currently, creators typically mint NFTs using the same platform that sells their NFT (e.g OpenSea, Rarible, Foundation). As a result, your NFT is a product of a third party’s minting contract: behind the scenes, your NFT is assigned a random ID by the platform (like Amazon assigns products with random SKUs). Further, your work is listed next to other NFTs using the same contract, oftentimes, completely unrelated.
For creators and brands who place value on their brand and work, we think its important for creators to distinguish their name in this chain of provenance. Your work should stand out based on your name, rather than get lost in the sea of NFTs.
Manifold Creator ensures the NFTs it mints are authentically attributed to the creator themselves. As a result, collectors can be assured the NFTs they purchase are 100% genuine, backed by the creator. As an example, here’s Mad Dog Jones’ first self-minted NFT on the blockchain. The token ID? 1, of course! (Also note total network cost to mint = $25 bucks; total platform fees = $0).
As NFT creators and collectos grow in sophistication, true provenance is a feature high quality creators and collectors care about.
Mad Dog Jones' Creator Contract


Manifold Creator is based on the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards. As such, all NFTs minted with Manifold Creator are recognized on all open NFT marketplaces, including those like OpenSea.
NFTs minted using Manifold Creator work seamlessly with all existing open NFT platforms. This means that you have a choice of listing and selling NFTs using open libraries like the OpenSea SDK, or as you’ll read later, using your own marketplace.
Additionally, the Manifold Creator contract interoperates with NFTs minted from other platforms as well. As described further, Manifold Contracts are not only capable of minting NFTs, but interacting with other NFTs to create new collector experiences.
We think Pak’s ASH is a cool example of this, and believe many more to come as collectors seek novel experiences.


Finally, at the core of Manifold Creator is a powerful extension framework that allows creators to install blockchain “apps” that extend the functionality of their own creator contract.
Using extensions, creators can do much more than simply mint visual and audio NFTs. The extensions framework is infinitely customizable and enables creators to introduce new mechanics, partner with third parties platforms and much more.


Manifold Creator also enhances the standard ERC-721 and ERC-1155 specifications and passes on these advantages to creators for free.

Convenience Features

  • Batch minting
  • Admin configuration (allow team members to mint and do other things)

Royalty Specifications

  • Ability for creators to set royalties (default, per extension, and per NFT)
  • Adherence to royalties is optional based on marketplace
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Why do you need your own creator contract?