Manifold 101

Manifold 101 is ideal to users getting started with Manifold and learning about the different elements of minting a token.
Manifold 101 will do a complete walkthrough of Manifold Studio. It will guide creators through the deployment of a test contract, all the way to minting on mainnet. There will be a series of explanations and introductions to concepts like contract types and reviewing your contract on Etherscan.

1. Welcome to Manifold Studio!

2. The Elements of a Smart Contract

How does the contract ownership work?
Contract Name
Contract Symbol

3. Examining a Contract on Etherscan feat. Jay-Z

Creating ASCII Art

5. ERC-721 vs ERC-1155 feat. Steve Aoki & Beeple

ERC 721
ERC 1155

6. Deploying a Contract to Rinkeby Testnet

In this tutorial the Rinkeby testnet is used. After the Merge, Goerli will be used instead.

7. Reviewing your Testnet Contract on Etherscan

8. Minting a Test Token

9. Deploying your Contract to Ethereum Mainnet

10. Minting a Token to Ethereum Mainnet


How do I list tokens for sale on Manifold?
I have minted to mainnet and have issues seeing the token!