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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Deploying a Contract

Minting a Token

Platform Specific Questions

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an Open Edition?

If you're looking to create an Open Edition, head over to the Claim app in your apps tab. Please keep in mind the differences between an Open Edition on an ERC721 contract vs an ERC1155 contract.

An ERC721 will show unique tokenIDs, while an ERC1155 will show a single token with multiple owners.

How do I verify on chain if tokens have been transferred to a specific address?

If you're looking to verify whether an address owns a specific token, we recommend using Etherscan as the source of truth.

Open up your contract on Etherscan and type in the wallet of the owner you're trying to verify and enter the ID you're trying to verify.

How do I split between multiple receiver addresses?

If you’re looking to split the primary sale among multiple addresses and only see a single input address as the receive wallet, we recommend using a tool like 0xSplits. (0xSplits is an easy way to split on-chain payments by generating a single receiver address for multiple wallets)

Where is the ETH from my Claim Page after a user mints?

ETH is paid out during every purchase. To see this, please check your internal transactions in Etherscan. Here you'll find a list of transactions that may not appear in your Metamask window.

If you have more questions check out our Claim Page FAQ

My tokens aren't appearing on any platform after creating a Claim page

Please keep in mind that creating a Claim page doesn't mint the tokens. The tokens aren't 'minted' until a collector mints from it.

Opensea: My token isn't showing up, but shows up everywhere else

If your token is showing up everywhere but Opensea, likely your metadata is fine and it seems like the token has been properly minted.

It sounds like Opensea is just taking some time to ingest token, if it's still not showing up after a bit of a wait, reach out to their support to get your token properly ingested.

Opensea: Why doesn't my artwork show up?

First, try refreshing your metadata! There is no need to burn the token.

If you are still having issues viewing your artwork on Opensea, please check if it displays correctly on Rarible. Sometimes platform will load faster than the other. Please note, if the file size is large, it will take longer for this to display on each of the sites. Depending on the file size this could anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour for large files. (Files over 300mb will not display)

If the file displays correctly on Rarible, the metadata for your token is correct and it is recommended to reach out to Opensea support.

A couple things to check:

Double check the Metadata

  1. Please go to the Contract page from Manifold Studio, click on your address and head to your contract's Etherscan page.

  2. On Etherscan - In the Contract section, there is a 'Read Contract' tab where you will be able to enter the token ID.

  3. After entering the token ID, copy and paste the link and into a new tab.

  4. This link is the metadata for your smart contract. Here you will find the Arweave link to your token. Please ensure the file is there and the data or links are correct. If the following is correct, then your token has been minted properly. If you have waited for some time and it isn't showing up, try validating the asset.

Validate if the asset is the issue

Using the link below, enter the your wallet address/token ID into the link below:

https://api.opensea.io/asset/ (Enter your wallet address/Token ID) /validate

It will look something like this:


Once you open this link into a new browser you'll be able to see if the token is the issue.

How do I partner with Manifold?

We're often asked about "collaborations" and how a creator can "partner" with Manifold. We love hearing about these ideas and the best part of Manifold Creator is that it allows for customization and the ability to do this yourself!

If the tools or mechanics you are looking for cannot be found in Manifold Studio, it can be built via an extension from a developer or a technical member of your team.

How would it work?

A great example of a contract extension built with the Manifold Creator core contract is DrifterShoots' First Day Out open edition.

How do I get support with Manifold?

If you think you’re experiencing a bug/issue with Manifold, check out our community forum to see if anyone else has encountered a similar issue.


Help the community help you! When asking for help from the community, please include as much information as possible when creating a thread. This includes:

  • Including the wallet address used to sign in

  • Links to the relevant contracts

  • Links to any relevant transactions

  • Screenshots

  • Steps to reproduce the issue

Deploying a Contract

Why can’t Manifold contracts enforce royalties?

It is the marketplace contract, not a creator contract that dictates the flow of sales from the buyer to the seller, and optionally to the original creator.

The marketplace contract that determines the rules of where the sales goes. Our royalty registry is a smart contract that ‘provides instructions’ to 3rd party marketplace contracts on where money should go, but it’s up to the marketplace contract to follow those rules on voluntarily.

Manifold contracts are only able to specify the rules of the token - not the settlement of token sales

With Opensea's recent announcements, how are my Manifold contracts affected?

For any contracts deployed (with at least one token minted) prior to January 2, 2023, Opensea will enforce royalties on all tokens on those contracts. This includes tokens minted after January 2, 2023 on those contracts.

For contracts deployed after this date, OpenSea royalties will only be enforced if you block marketplaces OpenSea has deemed royalty avoiding. You can choose to enable this feature on your contract royalty settings page.

Why does Manifold use Arweave? Can I use IPFS?

Because you own your contract, you are free to do whatever you please! Currently Manifold Studio doesn't support uploading to IPFS, but your contract absolutely supports it.

In the case of Arweave vs IPFS, we have evaluated both solutions and decided for our use case, Arweave is a more permanent solution. Another thing to keep in mind is that IPFS requires continual maintenance. Running your own node can be expensive and providers like Pinata can charge a monthly fee.

If you would like use IPFS for your token and already have a link on Pinata, you can update the tokenURI on your contract by following this tutorial: https://docs.manifold.xyz/v/manifold-for-developers/smart-contracts/manifold-creator/contracts/creator-core/common-functions#metadata-functions

Pinata has some great documentation here: https://docs.pinata.cloud/nfts

I'm stuck on a pending transaction

Try clearing your cookies in local storage!

Follow these steps:


Does Manifold support ERC721A?


ERC721A is an implementation built on top of OpenZeppelin's IERC721 interface. It has some optimizations made that work well specifically for 10k PFP projects.

For Manifold Studio - these optimizations are either already handled, or not applicable. Feel free to call the Manifold CreatorCore a "standard" or an "implementation" or add a letter, like "M".

The first optimization made by ERC721A is modifying the way that ERC721Enumerable stores token metadata. The Manifold CreatorCore contract does not implement the IERC721Enumerable interface so this optimization is not applicable.

The second optimization made by ERC721A is an optimization for the specific use-case of batch minting that only updates the owner's balance once. (So your balance might go from 1 to 5 instead of 1 to 2, 2 to 3, and so on). This is certainly useful for batch minting, which is applicable to 10k PFP projects. For minting individual tokens in Manifold Studio, this is not applicable. We also have our own batch minting optimization, which you can read about here.

The third optimization made by ERC721A is similar to the second, but instead of batch-updating a given account owner's balance, it batch-updates the owner for a given range of tokens. For similar reasons to above, this is not really applicable to mints through Manifold Studio.

Can I deploy multiple contracts with one wallet?


Who owns my smart contract?

You. With Manifold Studios, you create your very own custom contract, deployed from your own wallet. Manifold provides the interface to interact with the contract.

Are Manifold Contracts proxy contracts?

At Manifold we use a proxy for our contracts to save gas on deployments. We use an immutable proxy and NOT an upgradable proxy. Manifold has ZERO ability to change the underlying implementation. Creator contracts are 100% creator owned.

What should my contract name be?

Your contract name represents your identity on the blockchain.

It should accurately reflect the provenance of your collection of NFTs. We recommend using your official creator name. Ex. “Mad Dog Jones”

My contract is not verifying

Not to worry!

When your contract is being deployed, we take an additional step to verify the contract. This additional step is meant to ensure the contract code is valid and the same code that was just deployed.

Occasionally there are issues with the API, please let us know if there are issues here. Please visit our Discord for the most recent updates!

The name of the contract doesn't appear in my 1155 contract

Part of the spec of the 1155 contract will only show the contract symbol. In order to see the contract name, click the Contract tab with the verified checkmark and then you'll see the contract title in the Code section.

Etherscan displays a "Compiler specific version warnings"

Not to worry! The 'Compiler specific version warnings' is a warning related to functionality not used in the creator contract.

Can I change my name or ASCII art after I deploy the contract to mainnet?

No. Once the contract has been created, these details are stored permanently on the blockchain.

My ledger doesn't work, what are my options?

Please check the following things:

  • Ensure Ledger Live updated

  • Ledger Firmware on the Device itself using Manager

  • Ethereum Application on the Device itself using Manager

  • Turn on Blind Signing in Ethereum Application's Settings on Device

  • Refer to ledger to potential - confirm issues

  • Using Chrome - Seems to work better with Hardware Wallets

I can't see the added Contract administrators?

At this time, you are unable to view your Contract administrators from Studio. To see who your administrators are, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your contract on Etherscan. (You can do so by clicking on your mainnet contract address in the contract overview on Studio)

  2. Click on the "Contract" tab

  3. Click on "Read as Proxy"

  4. Click on the "getAdmins" function

I created a contract already and now Studio is asking me to create another account

Please double check you're signing in with the right wallet. It's likely that the account you created the account with in Manifold is not the account you deployed the token with. ie, an account created on a hot wallet and deployed from a cold wallet.

If this is the case, after signing up, you will see the appropriate deployments. If you're still running into issues please feel free to reach out to us.

Can I delete a contract?

No. After a contract is deployed to the Mainnet you will be unable to delete it.

Minting a Token

Can my tokens be displayed on any platform?

Please see here.

My token is stuck uploading!

Don't panic!

If your token is stuck uploading, please give it some time. Manifold Studio uses Arweave to store your data and it can take some time before uploading.

If you restart the page and have yet to sign the transaction, your upload will resume. There is no need to delete the token and start over.

To monitor the status of Arweave: https://viewblock.io/arweave

Can I change the artwork after the token has been minted?

Yes! Tokens can be updated to reflect new/evolving artwork. This is how NFTs can be dynamic. This can also be utilized to re-purpose a token if necessary.

If I change a token's metadata after minting to mainnet, how does it look on chain?

Manifold Studio creates metadata on Arweave, which is permanent and immutable. When metadata is changed, a new metadata file on Arweave is created and this is recorded on-chain. In other words, any changes to metadata done through Studio are recorded on-chain and it’s provenance preserved.

Can I airdrop additional editions of an 1155 token after it has been minted?
Are Manifold Tokens stored on-chain?

Technically, by default your artwork is on chain because we use Arweave. This is a blockchain dedicated to storing and distributing content, referred to as a "Blockweave". Because of this, your artwork is on chain, but the data for the art lives on Arweave and the token itself lives on Ethereum.

Do you support unlockable content?

Although Manifold Studio does not support Unlockable Content, creators have used Dynamic NFTS and hidden metadata to achieve similar mechanics. Some more information here.

Why can I see my burned token on Manifold?

If a token is burned it will be owned by the NullAddress. Tokens will be viewable on Manifold and in some cases, viewable on the platforms. You can request platforms to hide these tokens manually.

Token showing up as Draft after minting to mainnet

This following section will be helpful in resolving this issue:


Can I include JS when minting an HTML page?

To upload via Studio you need to bundle everything into one html file. Another approach is to upload a directory with all the files directly via Pinata/Arweave and follow the steps here to mint on Studio: https://docs.manifold.xyz/tutorials/minting-html-pages#3.-uploading-the-html-page-to-ipfs-through-pinata

Platform Specific Questions

Opensea: I want to merge my Manifold tokens with a previous collection

A collection with your new Manifold contract can be merged with an existing Opensea collection. You can open a support ticket here.

Opensea: My collection title is wrong. Why does it say V2 or Unidentified Contract? How do I set the royalties on Opensea?

Your collection description and title are set on Opensea and not within Manifold Studio. If you're seeing the following:

Click on the blue text to head over the Collection page. Then this button here to edit. This will allow you to edit the contract name as well as set the contract royalties!

Opensea: I deleted my collection. How can I restore it?

If you have deleted the contract/collection from Opensea but it is still visible on the other platforms, please reach out to Opensea to restore it.

Opensea/Rarible/Looksrare: Can anyone see my tokens minted to Testnet? How can I get rid of them?

Tokens minted to testnet are publicly available, but only to those who know specifically where to link. Imagine creating a random website and posting your work there without any kind of advertisment, unless someone knows the exact domain they will unlikely find their way there. If you would like to be more secure, you can upload a blank image for the testnet mint once you've promoted your token to Mainnet.

Superrare: Can I import my Manifold Contract?

Yes! Your Manifold Contracts can be imported as a series in SuperRare.

Typically creators will deploy a SR specific contract and let SuperRare know which contract address to ingest as a new series.

Check out SuperRare's documentation!

OpenSea: I changed the price - will it update elsewhere?

No. Listings on each marketplace are separate for each marketplace. If you update the price on one, you should update the price on the others.

Opensea: How do Opensea's changes to royalties affect me?

For more information on the Operator Filter and our Marketplace Blocker check out this section in our docs

Nifty Gateway: I have an upcoming drop on Nifty Gateway. Can you help?

Of course. Please reach out to us for upcoming drops on Nifty Gateway, we will be happy to guide you through the process each step of the way! Please contact us at studio@manifold.xyz.

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