Common Questions

How do I partner with Manifold?
How will the merge affect my tokens and experience?
Does Manifold support ERC721A?
My artwork isn’t showing up!
I have duplicatete or missions token!
Nifty Gateway: I have an upcoming drop on Nifty Gateway. Can you help?
Opensea: Why doesn't my artwork doesn’t show up?
My token is stuck uploading!
I'm stuck on a pending transaction
Why does Manifold use Arweave? Can I use IPFS?

Manifold Studio

Can I launch a 10k PFP project with Manifold?
How do I create a website for collectors to mint from?

Sign Up

I entered the wrong email, now I can't verify!

Deploying a Contract

Can I deploy multiple contracts with one wallet?
Who owns my smart contract?
Are Manifold Contracts proxy contracts?
What should my contract name be?
What is the difference between the 721 contract and the 1155 contract?
My contract is not verifying
The name of the contract doesn't appear in my 1155 contract
What should I use for my token symbol?
What is ASCII art?
My ASCII art does not appear properly on Etherscan
Etherscan displays a "Compiler specific version warnings"
Can I change my name or ASCII art after I deploy the contract to mainnet?
I deployed a contract on the older version of Manifold and now I cannot see the contract!
It's asking me to connect to Goerli. What is Goerli? How can I get funds?
What is the difference between test net and mainnet?
My ledger doesn't work, what are my options?
Will Trezor work with my Manifold Contract?
I can't see the added Contract administrators?
I created a contract already and now Studio is asking me to create another account
Can I delete a contract?

Minting a Token

Is there a file size limit?
Can my tokens be displayed on any platform?
Can I change the artwork after the token has been minted?
If I change a token's metadata after minting to mainnet. How does it look on chain?
Can I airdrop additional editions of an 1155 token after it has been minted?
Are Manifold Tokens stored on-chain?
Do you support unlockable content?
Can I include JS when minting an HTML page?

Platform Specific Questions

Opensea: I want to merge my Manifold tokens with a previous collection
Opensea: My collection title is wrong. Why does it say V2 or Unidentified Contract? How do I set the royalties on Opensea?
Opensea: I deleted my collection. How can I restore it?
Opensea/Rarible/Looksrare: Can anyone see my tokens minted to Testnet? How can I get rid of them?
Foundation: How do I import my Manifold Contract?
Superrare: Can I import my Manifold Contract?

General Questions

How does Manifold make money?
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